I have so many wonderful things to say that I don’t know where to
start! I am a VERY protective mom who was anxious and nervous about
sending my child to preschool for the first time. However, Stockton
Montessori School won me over very quickly and allayed all my fears!
Thanks to Ms Pinki our Daughters pediatrician on telling us and
Stockton Montessori preschool/kindergarten is the perfect blend of
academics, culture appreciation, and socialization. They foster
independence, creativity, and a genuine pride in learning in all of
their students. The entire staff is dedicated to guiding each child in
discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to
tackle new tasks/learning experiences they may not be familiar with.
This staff also provides a very nurturing environment which I was very
drawn to and one I had not observed with other schools when I was
choosing a school for my daughter (and believe me, I looked!). I see
the progress my daughter has made in the last 2 1/2 year from toddler
class to full time primary, she has been there and my Honey and I are
amazed! She has become a confident, independent, and respectful little
lady who loves to learn. She is excited to come home each day and
share all she has learned and accomplished! As for tuition, as a
previous reviewer mentioned, it is a little pricey. However, if you
compare the other tuitions of the other Montessori schools in the
Stockton area, Lodi or around the valley Stockton Montessori tuition
is very competitive AND they offer so much more (even beyond what’s in
print)! This school has won Best Preschool in Stockton record and it
is well-deserved!!! You can’t put a price on education and giving your
children the best chance at a great start! I recommend this school
with no reservations! Thank You Ms Kris, Ms Susie, Ms Jodie, Ms Seta,
Ms Krystina Ms Amanda, and the rest of the wonderful staff at Stockton
Sincerely, John Sola and Tatiana Corchon

From:  Tatiana Corchon 02-02-2016 23:34


A wonderful school!!!!

I have been very happy since the fist time I have stepped foot into
this school. It was nothing but love and positive energy from all of
the staff and the students.

I had my child start in the Toddler Program, and in there Ms. Suzi,
Ms. Frankie, and Ms. Amanda, were all very loving to my child. They
coddled my child when my child needed it and if my child was having a
rough time (i.e. crying, missing mommy, etc), these ladies would hold
my child and let my child know that I would be back after lunch. It
was very reassuring to know that these ladies care about your child as
much as the parent does.

My child is now in the Primary program, and again I want to rave about
the teachers. Ms. Jodi, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Seta, Ms. Christina always
tell me how my child did during the day. These teachers mentioned
above are nothing but a positive influence in my child’s life. They
are an added bonus. ūüôā These teachers are all highly effective and use
the Montessori method 100%. These teachers have many years of
experience and alll have a solid background in ECE. I like how there
are four teachers in the primary classroom. The teachers all have a
positive relationship with each child.

And, now I am here to review the Director, Ms. Kris Baker. She is
absolute perfect director. She has many years of Montessori education
and philosophy underneath her belt; meaning she knows the in’s and
out’s of this teaching philosophy. Ms. Kris is very easy to talk to,
she is always answering any questions one may have, she is readily
available at any given time. She also interacts with both the Toddler
and the Primary classrooms, and I enjoy that very much, because she is
able to get to know each child on a personal level. Her character is
nothing but excellent. She knows what it takes to run a wonderful
preschool and she is holding the bar high. Ms. Kris has also respected
every decision that I make as a parent without any hesitation.

I also like how the “rainy day room” is available for the children
both before the classroom instruction is started and for rainy days.
It lets the children use up some of their energy. The facility has a
huge outdoor area and it is protected by two fences!

A positive attitude causes a chain of reaction of positive thoughts
events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary
results. Take a tour of this school and you will know exactly what I

From: Krystle  02-02-2016  18:00


I just wanted¬† to share that today my 1st grader Melissa was super excited to share with me that she (and 2 other classmates) are the only ones in her class reading chapter books.. I want to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful people that made this possible. Without their dedication my kids would not¬† be where they are now! A million thanks Stockton Montessori, Avila, Seta Yor… For being part of my kids’ education.

From: Yesenia Diaz October 8,2015 at 19:03


My daughter attended her first Montessori school in Tracy and the school was not quite what I had researched about Montessori methodology, after a year of her being upset about school I finally decided to take her for a visit to Stockton’s Montessori program and she instantly fell in love. She got right to work doing her “jobs” and Ms. Jodi and Ms. Kris were incredibly warm and welcoming. The building looks like it has seen better days but what is happening inside the building is what counts. Warm and passionate teachers and happy healthy children!

From Rosalie R. 10/3/2015


Stockton Montessori is by far the best educational decision we’ve made for Kyra.¬† She’s mature, she’s reading, she’s respectful and inquisitive.¬† When she read ME a book before she went to bed, with few opportunities for me to help her, I became even more grateful for what everyone at Stockton Montessori has done for her.¬† If anyone in FB land is considering affordable places to send your 2-6 year old….we highly recommend you check this place out.
From: Tamara Pronoitis 9/29/2015

Oh yes!!! The best decision a parent can make in their kids’ education!!! My little ones entered 1st grade more than prepared and the quality of education Stockton Montessori provide is just amazing!
From: Yesenia Diaz 9/29/2015

Yes!¬† I am still just as amazed as when Tamara and Billy went to The Montessori Children’s House on Country Club Blvd back in the 80s!¬† The Directress, Kris Baker, at Stockton Montessori School is just as passionate about Montessori now as she was then!¬† The program is excellent!!!¬† Kyra loves her school and has learned so much!
From: Dee Johnson 9/29/2015

We loved Stockton Montessori ! Madison was taught so many things! She loved all of her teachers! They had such a positive impact in her life. She has a passion for learning and exploring new things! Thank you Stockton Montessori!!
From: Stephanie Airola-Santiago 9/29/2015


We found Stockton Montessori to be extremely helpful for our
daughter’s preschool. At times when we could not make our daughter
understand certain manners and discipline, we would turn to the staff
at Stockton Montessori and they would take it to their heart and
inculcate that sense in her. Our daughter thoroughly enjoys her stay
here. Now she has a perfect foundation to get into kindergarten. She
would miss her teachers a lot when she moves to kindergarten come

Extremely pleasing and professional staff! Would not hesitate a second
to recommend to any of our friends!
from Aparna 8:55 pm 05/08/2013


This is the best preschool program in Stockton — and I have visited
several. Here are the reasons my children are enrolled in Stockton
– They adhere to the Montessori method and my children have learned to
be independent learners.
– OUTSTANDING director and teachers who encourage children’s curiosity
and treat each child with respect.
– Ms Kris (director) runs an ORGANIZED and CLEAN school. She is
professional and VERY FLEXIBLE with parents. You will be hard-pressed
to find a more dedicated director.
– RESPECTFUL teachers who take the time to explain to children

I love this school and I love the staff. I feel confident in knowing
that what I teach my children at home is reinforced at school (value
of learning, cleanliness, healthy lifestyle, respectful social
skills). I’m also learning to better communicate with my children by
observing how teachers interact with students (thank you Ms. Jodi!).
Ms Suzie refers to her toddlers as “friends,” Ms. Amber takes a
sincere interest in her children’s stories.

So glad I found this school! – from Sanaa 10:27 pm 05/01/2013


I can’t express how satisfied I am with the education Stockton
Montessori has provided for my daughter. She has learned so much and
with loads of love it’s going to be hard to move onto elementary school.
From the education to the teachers everything is well structured and
full of fun and learning everyday! Thank you to each and every teacher
that serves our children at Stockton Montesorri!
– from Pinki 5:35 pm 04/17/2013


Stockton Montessori is a great program. I couldn’t be happier with the education my son receives at this school. All the teachers are so caring, compassionate and truly care about the students. Thank you Montessori teachers for all you do! – from Vanessa 8:06 am 04/02/2013