—Cultivate Lifetime Love of Learning

  • Divergent Thinking
  • Initiate independence, leadership and strong self-despline
  • Self-motivated, lifetime love of learning

The Montessori school education is based on the principal that a child learns best when the social environment supports his or her own unique development. It was for this purpose that Dr. Maria Montessori created a curriculum and learning materials that provide a wealth of experiences contributing to the growth of each individual learner.

A Montessori classroom is multi-aged.  This allows the child to work in an atmosphere of cooperative learning, peer teaching, and leadership development, along with social and emotional growth.  Respect for one’s self, for others, and for the environment, are the foundation of classroom rules.



Unique to the Montessori curriculum are carefully designed activities for:

  • Coordination of Muscle & Movement   
  • Sensory Motor Refinement
  • Verbal & Written Language Learning
  • Mathematical & Scientific Concepts
  • Cultural Appreciation.



The Montessori curriculum provides a proven educational environment including hundreds of hands-on activities in each classroom making learning enjoyable. Our classrooms are designed specifically for the developmental needs of young children, from toddler to kindergarten.  The children explore activities in a safe, clean, beautiful environment while having fun both indoors and out.