2017/2018 School Calendar


Sept.1st            Mandatory parent meeting. (6:30 p.m.-  , No Children)

Sept.5th           2017/2018 school year begins

Oct.30th/31st         Fall Conferences ——– Closed

Nov.10th          Veterans Day ——– Closed

Nov.21st           Programs at 11:00 a.m. ——– Closed at 12:00

Nov.22nd-24th       Thanksgiving Break ——– Closed

Dec 20th          Children’s Brunch ——– Closed at 12:00

Dec 21st- Jan 2nd       Winter Break ——– Closed

Jan 15th            Martin Luther King Jr. Day ——– Closed

Feb 12th           Lincoln’s birthday ——– Closed

Feb 19th           Presidents’s Day ——– Closed

Mar 26th-Apr 2nd       Spring Break ——– Closed

Apr 30th           Spring Conferences  ——– Closed

May 25th        Primary Promotion 11:00 a.m.—— Closed at 12:00

May 28th-Jun 1st      Teacher In Service ——– Closed

Jun 4th              Summer Session Begins

Jul 4th-6th        July 4th Break ——– Closed

Aug 27th-31st         Summer Break ——– Closed

*Public holidays are marked in Blue.
*School reserves the right to make changes to this calendar as necessary. Monthly tuition rates are based in a yearly fee – NOT on the number of school days per month.